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HIV Awareness Speaking

Since 2011, Pablo has reached over 6,000 people via 150 presentations in over 25 schools, universities, and institutions as a speaker and panelist. Pablo's extensive experience not only shows in his command of relevant sexual health topics but also in his highly engaging, passionate, and compelling storytelling and discussion facilitation. In addition, his professional and lived experience informs all of his talks and community outreach.

Topics Pablo has spoken on include,

  • HIV & STI prevention;

  • Personal testimony on living with HIV;

  • Consent and sexual violence;

  • Misconceptions & stigmas surrounding HIV;

  • LGBTQ+ community issues;

  • Positive messaging on sex and healthy relationships;

  • Relationships & sex education grassroots advocacy;

  • Sex ed policy reform.

Sex Education Technical Assistance

Pablo can provide preliminary foundational technical assistance with curriculum development and supplementary implementation services, whether you are just starting with your first curriculum or looking to make improvements.

His sex ed technical assistance and supplementary services include:

  • Living with HIV testimony,

  • HIV & STI prevention,

  • Navigation of standards and best practices resources,

  • Linkage to subject matter experts and agencies,

  • Preliminary support of basic curriculum development.

Pablo collaborates with schools and organizations to improve communities by supporting complete, honest, inclusive, and compassionate relationships & sex education.

Sex Ed Grassroots Advocacy Consulting

Pablo can provide preliminary organizational and logistical assistance to grassroots organizers and agencies looking to improve Virginia relationships and sex education. Services may be limited. Please contact for more information.

Pablo has been co-directing an organization he co-founded, the Virginia Coalition for Sex Ed Reform (VACSER), for over four years. With his executive team of six leaders and advisors, Pablo has helped build a coalition of 25 local, state, and national member organizations and a network of over 15 stakeholders and partners, gaining a wealth of knowledge about effectual, attainable, and organized grassroots advocacy.


"knowledgeable and a passionate speaker who actively engages with his audience."
"vulnerability, honesty, willingness, and ability to answer the students questions."
“his knowledge is more than evident and his command of the material and passion for these issues.”

"Pablo is knowledgeable and a passionate speaker who actively engages with his audience. I enjoy working on public health initiatives with Pablo.

He is an expert in his field."

Ashley Nanthavongsa-Mosley

Senior Public Health Analyst

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