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Use the form below to ask questions regarding my services, specialties, and scope, which include, but are not limited to the information below. Please refer to the Advocacy Experience section of the About Me page for more information on my speaking experience and scope.

Services and Specialties

1) A speaker, panelist, or consultant on the topic of: • Living with HIV; • Fundamentals of HIV and STI prevention; • Fundamentals of healthy relationships and consent; • LGBTQ+ community issues; • HIV patient needs and barriers to care; • Sex education grassroots advocacy. 2) Questions regarding HIV and STIs, sexual health, and/or healthy relationships. I will provide answers and/or resources for you (e.g 3) Collaboration on a relevant project or initiative (either yours or one mentioned on my website)**

Potential Audiences

• Students (e.g. grades 7th-12th***, universities, private schools, community-based programs, etc) • Parents • Teachers and school administrators  • Community-Based Organizations • Health service providers • Advocactes and community organizers • Legislators and government agencies *** Any information and/or testimonial presented to minors would be either approved by and/or under the supervision of school administrators and/or parents of students.

I Can Share...

...what it's like living with HIV (see About Me page for my story), address healthcare providers and med students on the needs of HIV patients, talk about the fundamentals of sexual health, address issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and more (ask me!).

I look forward to working with you!

- Pablo Moulden

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**CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE: Services rendered by a positive voice are separate and independent from all other organizations that I, Pablo Moulden, am affiliated with (employers, clients, organizations, and affiliations). While in the capacity of a positive voice, my thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect on any agencies where I am gainfully employed, any clients, any organizations, or any affiliations. Please disclose any and all affiliations in your message to avoid conflict of interest.

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