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a positive voice

Speaking positively. Empowering communities. Giving a voice.


My name is Pablo and I can't wait to make your life a little easier.

What do I do?

As a sex ed advocate, a person living with HIV, a public health specialist, and a queer man, I advance and support communities through • HIV Awareness Speaking • Sex Ed Technical Assistance • Sex Ed Grassroots Advocacy Consulting

Why choose me?

Having lived with HIV for 14 years, I use my experience and passion to educate and empower others through "refreshingly honest, vulnerable, and educational storytelling", as a client once put it.

What's my mission?

To make at least one person's life a little easier, a little less painful, and a little less lonely every day. Because that is exactly what my parents, the health service providers, and social workers did for me through every health crisis. Whether it be when I was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 17, when I was battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 20, or through my struggle with mental illness. I'm living proof that It takes an involved community for our children to thrive.

What's my pledge?

To #LiveLifePositively by paying it forward to my communities through supporting complete, honest, and inclusive relationships and sex education.

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Crow of people walking and running a 5 K under a sign that reads "Walk to End HIV - We can see the finish line!" In front is Pablo Moulden posing under the sign.

Get Involved with Sex Ed Reform

Full logo for the Virginia Coalition for Sex Ed Reform.

"We will continue to work towards our mission until every
child's right to a comprehensive sexual health education is
protected, respected and fulfilled..."

Virginia needs YOUR help!

"You've got to
Protect yourself,
Respect yourself and
Love yourself."

- fellow speaker with HIV

Picture of an HIV awareness ribbon with "a positive voice" written on it.

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Thank you Dr. Christine Ford

for telling our story...



2014 Walk to End HIV finish line
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Me and my dad: Walk To End HIV 2014
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JMU Madison Equality "Out on Campus"
JMU Positively Speaking Panel 2011
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LCDP Univision World AIDS Day 2012
LCDP World AIDS Day 2012
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Justin Fairfax Walk &5K to End HIV
My Story
Logo for a positive voice.
Image of person holding camera with text underneath reading "I'm Doing It. Testing for HIV. Hashtag Doing It. Testing is Fast, Free, & Confidential."
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