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Advocacy Experience

2011 - Present
Presentations & Panels: ~115
Reach: ~4,103

Logo for NOVAM (Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry).

2012 - 2013

Presentations: 42 | Reach: ~1,050

From 2012-2013 I volunteered as a public speaker in NOVAM's (Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry) Face-to-Face program. NOVAM was a nonprofit that provided HIV prevention & awareness services, sexual health education, youth support, client case management, connection to healthcare, free HIV testing and much more.
With NOVAM I presented 42 times at 15 locations, in Northern Virginia. I reached about 1,050 people including social workers, school faculty, grade school students and university students (GMU & Northern VA Community College). My role in their Face-to-Face program was to talk about my life living with HIV after a peer educator's HIV & sex education presentation.

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Public Speaking

2011 - Present

Presentations/Panels: 11 | Reach: ~1,335

In October 2010 I spoke at JMU on Madison Equality's (LGBTQ+ rights student org) "Out on Campus" panel which was for National Coming Out Day.

My first public disclosure of my HIV status was November 2011 on a panel called "Positively Speaking: My Life with HIV" hosted by the Madison HIV/AIDS Alliance at James Madison University back in 2011. A few years later in 2014 they invited me back JMU to speak on their panel called "Being Positive" for their HIV Awareness Week.

Since 2014 I have spoken on six panels entitled "The Sexually Active Adolescent/Young Adult"  for Dr. Charles Samenow's Human Sexuality class at George Washington University.

I served on the opening plenary session panel entitled "Patient and Community Perspectives", which preceded NIAID NIH Director Anthony Fauci's presentation, at GWU's (School of Medicine) three-day HIV Summit 2017.

I was on DC's Different Drummers: Capitol Pride Symphonic Band's panel entitled "Alphabet Soup... LGBTQ+ Issues: An Open and Honest Discussion on the Topic for the Music Teacher"  at the Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) Conference 2018.

So far I have served on a total of 11 panels involving awareness & advocacy for HIV as well as for topics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. Independently my audience reach has so far been approximately 1,335.

Logo for NovaSalud Inc.

October 2017 - Present

Presentations: 58 | Reach: ~1,554

I joined NovaSalud's Face-to-Face program in October of 2017. NovaSalud is an HIV services nonprofit that does education, prevention, peer support, HIV testing, case management and connection-to-care. They work with the wider Northern Virginia community while specializing in work with the latino community.
So far I have presented approximately 38 times at a few public schools in Arlington, Virginia. I have reached about 1,100 students and faculty.
For the Face-to-Face program the students first receive a separate HIV & sex education 101 powerpoint presentation provided to the teachers by NovaSalud. Then the following day I come in to the classes to talk about my life living with HIV and provide further sex education. I give my presentations in either Spanish or English depending on the class.

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Affiliated Organizations



Spreading the Word

DC Walk To End HIV 2014
Whitman-Walker Health

A vlog of me and my dad on the Walk to End HIV (formerly AIDS Walk Washington) as well as information on the walk and Whitman-Walker Health towards the end of the video (1:57). We raised $300 for the walk thanks to family and friends.

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