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Blue Virginia: "Hard-Right VA Committee Chair Practically Faints as Students Talk About Sex Edu

On February 5, 2018 a group of advocates testified in favor of Bill HB 159 which would have changed the Family Life Education curriculum so that it would be mandated, comprehensive and medically accurate. Unfortunately the Virginia House Education Committee struck down the Bill. The following are segments from an article written by Blue Virginia.

Blue Virginia writes:

"[...] students testified passionately in support of REAL family life education for students throughout Virginia, as included in Del. Sam Rasoul (D-Roanoke)’s HB159 [...]

Check out the video below, as Chairman Landes bizarrely cuts off Graham Weinschenk with a rude, “young man do you realize what the bill actually does?” Then later, when Pablo Moulden uses the phrase “slut shaming,” Landes jumps in and tells him not to use language “not within the decorum of the committee.”[...]"

Article by lowkell from Blue Virginia

Read Their Full Article

Graham Weinschenk: begins at 2:03 Pablo Moulden: begins at 9:29

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